Our Team

Daniel Neves
Hanna Zborowska Neves
Adriana Neves
Is a Real Estate Agent specialized in second homes and structuring foreign investments in the North East of Brazil since 1999. Finished High School in Grass Valley – California – USA and studied Law in the University of Salamanca in  Spain and became a Lawyer in 2009. Since 2003 he is a partner in Escala Imóveis, a Real Estate agency founded by his family in 1993. In 2005 created with four Spanish partners “Brasil Casas” a Real Estate Agency that promotes Brazilian developments in Spain. In 2007 established a cooperation with the largest Real Estate firms in Eastern Europe bringing millions of dollars in investments to Fortaleza. And in 2010 created with other partner, BrasMax, a construction company aimed at social housing developments. His passion, apart from the obvious real estate, is sport fishing.Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Polish (basic).


Born in Warsaw, Poland. Lawyer, alumna of the faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw with a master’s degree in international private law, licensed as a real estate advisor by Brazilian Union of Real Estate Agencies.As a foreigner living in Brazil Hanna combines together the best of both worlds: the local knowledge and all the connections with the European solution oriented mentality. Hanna´s dedication to helping Europeans relocate in Fortaleza has been recognized by the Poland and Brazil and she has been nominated the Honorary Consul of Poland in Fortaleza. (the youngest consul in Poland´s history) 

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Portuguese.


Adriana Neves is very much active in the Real Estate Market and she is the president of the Ceara Real Estate Network RIC, vice-president of SECOVI-CE and member of the council of CRECI-CE.The talent, reputation and hard earned results were always recognized by her peers in the Real Estate Market and recently, as a consequence, she was awarded the Real Estate Master Award and the Colibri Trophy.Even though Adriana is not directly involved with customer service or direct sales in Escala Properties, it´s her connections that enables us to bring you investment opportunities before anyone in the market even dreams about them.


Languages: Portuguese and English.