Kite Surf to Paracuru

There are the traditional methods of transportation from Fortaleza to Paracuru, 90 kilometers to the north, but, how would you like to kite surf the entire distance? Thanks to predictable wind patterns and currents off this pristine Brazilian coastline, you can actually travel this distance by kite. No surprise, there are companies which will help you set up this adventure-because, you do need someone to transport your luggage!

True, this adventure is for the more experienced kite surfer but a visit to Paracuru should be on everyone’s travel itinerary. Paracuru translated to English from the Tupi language (of the indigenous people) loosely means Sea Lizard or River Sea.  Paracuru is a land of sea rivers of a sort.  While there is one major river that flows to the sea here, numerous fresh water lagoons dot the large dunes which are the backdrop of this entire coastal area.

The main beach of Paracuru is 20 kilometers long, so exploration by land or by sea, is an adventure all its own. You can trek, ride horses, sand buggies or sail with the local fishermen in the jangadas to explore this exotic coastline. These large lagoons offer the prime conditions for kite boarding.  Kite enthusiasts of all skill levels find that the warm, flat waters in these lagoons to be unmatched in Brazil, if not the world.

It’s hard to say which part of this fantastic coast of Brazil is the best place to visit because, truth be told, the entire area is worth visiting. Some beaches are a better choice than others, however, if you decide you want to live here in paradise, Paracuru may be the place for you to consider.

Paracuru is about 100 years old and currently has a year round population of 30,000 people.  Its infrastructure is largely developed. Here, all your hometown needs can be met including a hospital, pharmacies and supermarkets set in a village-like atmosphere. Every Sunday, the locals bring these fresh fish and produce to the town square just as they have been doing for over a century.

Responsible growth has been an earmark of this town’s philosophy for several years now.  The town’s economy does not solely depend upon tourism –the agriculture and fishing industries hold their own in this part of Ceara.  This stable economic environment can provide the expats with opportunities to live very well in paradise on a limited budget.

The town affords excellent, made-to-order cuisine at affordable prices. Try the “churasco” for an unforgettable bar-b-que like meal. As with most of the Cearan coastline, the nightlife in Paracuru is lively and plentiful. The local music, “forro,” is the perfect match to the natural beauty of the landscape.

Due to its close proximity to Fortaleza, Paracuru is going to change, but for now, clean water, clear vistas and perfect weather are yours to enjoy, all in affordable luxury.