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About this Property:


Summerville is an idyllic gated beach community in the famous village of Cumbuco.

Summerville is just a five- minute walk from the center of Cumbuco, which is a quaint fishing village 40 minutes from Fortaleza’s international airport.

Cumbuco’s spectacular sand dunes and amazing beach decorated with coconut palms have already achieved legendary status. It is one of the most popular and exclusive places north of Fortaleza that attracts both national and international tourists.

Apart from being home to many expats and offering world-class cuisine (French, Argentinean and German in particular), Cumbuco still has its original charm and simplicity. You can buy fish straight from the fishermen when they come ashore in their wooden sail boats with the catch of the day, or go to the farmers’ market which sets up on the main street at the weekends to find the freshest fruit and vegetables you´ll ever see. Small stores in the village stock most things that you’ll need for day-to-day living.

The rustic beach bars offer tasty sea food dishes every day. And if you want big city amenities or nightlife, Fortaleza is only thirty minutes away.

On the right side of this text you can see a gallery of  photos of Cumbuco beach and the Summerville community.


Summerville has all the features you’d expect to find in a beach community: Swimming pool, barbeque, sauna, gym, party hall, sport field, and a jogging track. It offers full 24-hour security. Only residents and authorized guests are allowed to enter.

You have two entrances, the vehicle entrance from the highway in the back, and the beach entrance directly onto the white sand and the warms waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the front.

Immediately to the west of Summerville, there is the new five-star Villa Gale resort, and after that, right on the beach, is the beautiful fresh-water lake of Cauipe. Cauipe is surrounded by little palapa-roofed  seating areas, with food and beverage service provided  by nearby bars and restaurants.

Summerville sells home sites.

Lots in the upper side of the resort run around 420 square meters (4,519 square feet).

There is also a great opportunity to purchase the last two frontline beach lots, which are larger, one at 1100 square meters (just under a third of an acre) and the other even larger.

You can build your own customized home so long as it follows the community guidelines on  minimum  sizes and the maximum height of two floors.  And  you don´t even have to worry about building the home, as we can build it for you. Build costs average 120-160 reals (roughly $80-$100) per square foot. We work with a developer specialized in building high-level homes and we can build customized homes, too. Just ask us for a price estimate.


Summerville used to be “the end of Cumbuco”. Until recently, we had Cumbuco village on one side, and the other side of Summervile was nothing but endless fields of dunes and desert beaches as far as the eye can see. Now, this area is all changing. the Village of Cumbuco is being upgraded, all roads being doubled and the main square being totally rebuilt to received the thousands of tourists expected here for the world cup.

The land immediately to the west of Summerville was bought by the largest Portuguese hotel group, (Villa Gale) and a master planned community with 5 international resorts (the first one, the 5 stars Villa Galle Cumbuco opened its doors for Christmas 2011).

On the opposite side of Summerville, immediately to the East, one of the largest Fortaleza developers, the Magis group is building a very high end condo project called Wai Wai Cumbuco.

Now is the time to buy Summerville because this beautiful beachfront gated community that used to mark the end of Cumbuco, is soon going to the best part of Cumbuco. As  Cumbuco village slowly grows into a nice  international community, and everyday there are more expat owned B& B’s, restaurants, and other small businesses  the former “end of the village” starts to shine as the really high end area attracting a different type of tourists that wants to have desert beaches and sand dunes as company for their vacations but the comfort of the village just a 5 minutes walk away.