Why Fortaleza?

Fortaleza: The Time is Now

Fortaleza is South America’s closest point to Europe and is at the same distance to the USA (6:30hs flight from Miami or Lisbon). There are daily direct flights from Fortaleza to Atlanta, Lisbon, Rome, Miami, and with connections to all other major cities in the world.

Economic growth bigger than Brazil’s average (Economy growth of 6,4% in 2008)

Fortaleza is the favorite touristic destination for Brazilians tourists creating a very strong demand of tourism all year long. Just to have an idea, in the weekend of the New Year 2007/2008 there were 1,5 million tourists in Fortaleza and the surrounding beaches, mostly Brazilians.

Home of the biggest water park in South America ( www.beachpark.com.br )

Has one of the largest urban beaches in Brazil (Praia do Futuro)

Housing Deficit of approximately 154.000 units in the city of Fortaleza alone, if we include the surrounding smaller cities known as “Greater Fortaleza” this number goes well beyond 200 thousand

Fortaleza will be host of the 2014 World Cup

Before that, Fortaleza will host the 2013 Confederations Cup.

The cost of living in Fortaleza is about 25% of Europe’s major cities.

4th biggest city in Brazil and the biggest of the northern half of Brazil with more than 3 million citizens

Unlike other Brazilian touristic destinations such as Natal, Fortaleza has a strong economy independent from tourism that creates strong demand for housing

Fortaleza has the best winds in Brazil. Why is this important? Because of the winds Fortaleza is the second biggest kite and wind surfing center in the world and this creates more demand for tourism services and rentals. Also due to the strong and stable winds Fortaleza is the biggest producer of wind generated electricity in Brazil, creating today 50% of Brazil´s total and with several new projects for windmill farms being built everyday.

We produce Oil too, Petrobras off shore deep water drilling. New investments around end of 2011 auctioned 7 new fields for exploratory drilling and new platforms are being built.

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